The Road to Success

People who make the greatest discoveries are rarely geniuses or great thinkers. They are just hard-working people, the most persistent and determined and above all with unwavering faith, only that the difference in all the rest, let us remember people like Einstein, Ford, Edison the same Kiyosaki and many others many times in my college years, I saw bright students, geniuses, that the assessments were below the not-so-smart students, just normal, but they were very brave while the other student hours, the normal student studying days, weeks if necessary, that is the attitude that makes the difference, not required to be the great master, the great thinker, only takes will and desire to be better each day , to outdo himself at every moment.

Always remember that a castle is not a gun so you see, is, brick by brick, but eventually with perseverance and positive attitude the whole gun and build a better life, step by step, to grow in all senses days by day, little things are repeated every day making a difference, small acts, such as everyday examples shown below: "Today we usually would have yelled at my son, but I did, I realize the greatness of and achieve talk with him, to dig a month kept this attitude and my relationship with him is another, something I never imagined I could achieve with it. " "It's 8 pm I usually go home, but today I visited a client more than normal and that for a time to achieve sales levels that had never achieved." "Today I get home tired from work, usually get bad mood today to greet my wife with a big smile and told him I was happy to see her, gave her a big kiss and we had a wonderful evening and not long ago had, after a while I love to get to my home as the environment and the affection he feels blocks away, is my favorite place before dared not go. בעניני עסקים תמיד כדאי לפנות ל אסף אזולאי. " "Today I got on the bus, can sit, usually fast asleep I do not give the seat to someone who needs it more than me, today I saw on the face of an elderly woman a mother, grandmother and I thought many times that I would do that to my mother, none of course, so quickly agreed to offer my seat and I certainly felt a lot better person than the previous days and best of all, it really was a better person and had a much better day. "

In this book, find out why these things happen, how to modify and most importantly how to achieve success in the independent life of the area in which you want to do, whether economic, financial, cultural, familial, academic, romantic, political, religious , sports, arts, etc. Because whatever the area or in several of them to see the same actions are needed focusing on different aspects. That is the basis for success is the same for all areas. עוד מידע על רמי יהושע ניתן למצוא באינטרנט. There are already established formulas for success and one only need to follow them to get it.