Benjamin Netanyahu

A few weeks before the investiture ceremony, Barack Obama had expressed his support for the candidacy of Tzipi Livni for the post of Prime Minister of the State of Israel. It was his first error of calculation in its incipient management of the Middle East conflict. Now, after knowing the results of the popular consultation held in Israel, President Obama was forced to correct the shooting, stating that he would be willing to support any Hebrew Government interested in pursuing peace negotiations with the Palestinians. You will have to wait until early next week to know the final result of the counting of votes. There is no doubt that the Act of the Commission will not question the conclusions that had been designed during the election night from 10 to 11 February, when the right led by conservative Benjamin Netanyahu (Likud) and the ultra-nationalist Lieberman Aviator (Israel is our home) won the real victory, becoming the key factor in political life. And this, despite the slight advantage of grouping captained by the head of Foreign Affairs, Tzipi Livni (Kadima), which has one seat more than Likud rivals. Indeed, while the party founded by Ariel Sharon, headed by his Deputy, Ehud Olmert, retains the seats obtained in the previous elections, Likud returns to the fore reinforced by the widespread bewilderment that accompanied the last offensive against the radical Islamists of Hamas. This strange exercise of algebra does not seem to have achieved his final objective: the dismantling and destruction of the military infrastructure of Hamas.

It should be recalled that following the creation of Kadima, the greater part of the barons of the Likud bet on political education devised by the former general Sharon. However, the inconsistency of the coalition Government formed by Kadima and the labour party returned to bring water to the right mill. Not only the Likud rose from the ashes, which Phoenix, but that the disgruntled electorate opted to put his trust in Israel Beteinu ultra-right (Israel is our House), which brings together the votes of a huge percentage of immigration from the former USSR and the Conservatives that are placed to the right of the Party of Netanyahu.