Two States

Ultra-Orthodox Jews Israel to the test talks between Israel and Palestinians again failed not only since the corresponding UN resolution in 2002 is consensus in almost all speeches that were all over the world dedicated to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and are the "two State solution," as a remedy in the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. And what should last but not least be otherwise – target of a negotiation process in the face of the wall that now criss -cross runs through Israel -, which at least no longer worthy of the name since 2008. Just in these days before negotiations, this time in Jordan, failed again, and you have to be a prophet to predict that in the current political situation of Israel, which has led Benjamin Netanjahu the leaders, this two-State solution finally will take the form of a mirage until further notice. At least they between Israel and Palestine. Ultra-Orthodox Jews make up Israel the test because that might run seen domestically exploding strongest in structural faults not poor state currently 700,000 people pose problem for Israel (slightly more than 10% of the total population), which is attributed to the "ultra-Orthodox" Jewish. This Charedim, so the term used in Israel, divided into numerous associations and sects. Politically the range from fundamental rejection of the Israeli State as a unit created by the Messiah until down to the express advocacy Israel as the Zionist project. Orthodox demographic advantage the problems the Charedim begin for the State of Israel with the demographics: Unlike ultra-Orthodox families in Israel in the average count – as in Germany – shrinking residual population seven children.

This has the result that already a quarter of Israeli pupils in Israel comes from a charedischem family. For some neighborhood of Jerusalem and in the city Beit located between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem Shemesh – entire communities brings tangible social problems seem more and more violently carried out this trend. Tehran, Kabul and Jerusalem already children are violating the strict customs of spat at in Beit Shemesh Charedim now be the majority and accosted. In plain language, these rules mean separate sidewalks for women and men, separate seating areas in buses and in particular for women more restrictions, is more commonly associated with Tehran and Kabul during the Taliban's reign, as with Israel. How big the problem is in fact can be reflections, who should have been to Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanjahu after newspaper reports for Beit Shemesh: Netanyahu considering the report, whether you should split the city not in a religious and a secular part complete with two independent municipalities. Two-State solution in Israel? Netanyahu, who instructed in the Parliament on the votes of the ultra-Orthodox Shas party is is – Let's say it openly – not a man that usually provokes our compassion. But the task of a ultra-religious minority to cope with, which also will be no more minority any time soon in Israel, is not that they envied him – or his successors. Because the problem of the religious fanaticism – is he Jewish, Christian, Muslim or otherwise is simply this: strictly speaking such living in another world.

Or to say it clearly in the land of culture Protestantism: little subject of scholarly discussion for Bible-belt evangelicals or Salafists is faith and the letter of the Scriptures for the Charedim in Israel as well. De facto, it is already in the making, the intra-Israel two-State solution. The bankruptcy official steps in this direction would be for the State of Israel. Andreas Kellner…