The Human Brain

The Human Brain simultaneously processes a surprising amount of information. לעניות דעתי מיכאל רצון יכול לקבוע . Its brain catches all the colors and objects that you see, the temperature to its redor, the pressure of its feet against the soil, the sounds to its redor, the dryness of its mouth, even though the texture of this article in its hands. Beyond all the sensria information, its brain recognizes emotional answers, ideas and memory. Its also monitorial brain the continuous functions of its body as its standard of breath, movement of eyelids, hunger and movement of the muscles in its hands. The human brain more than processes a million of messages for second. Happily, its brain evaluates the importance of all these data and filters relatively of small account. This function of filtering of the brain is what it makes possible to the man its concentration and capacity to act efficiently in its world. A brain that more than deals with an information piece million all seconds, at the same time evaluating its importance and allowing that you act established in the information most pertinent.

It will be that we can say perhaps that the mere one mounted a so amazing agency? When NASA launches a mission of space bus, subentende that it was not a monkey that the plan wrote, but intelligent and instructed minds. How it is possible to explain the existence of the human brain? One has only lain more intelligent and instructed of what the humanity could create a human brain. In this concise study we mention only some necessary complexities of our world: the position of the Land in relation to the sun, some properties of the water and an agency of the human body. It will be that any one of these things could have by chance occurred? Distinct astronomer Frederick Hoyle showed in its exhausting studies as even though the accidental combination of amino acids in a cell human being is mathematically absurd. Regarding our lives, Hoyle illustrated the franqueza of ' ' acaso' ' with the following one analogy: ' ' Which are the possibilities of a Tornado to pass for an iron-old one that it contains all the parts of a Boeing 747 e, accidentally, to gather them all of perfect form, leaving a ready airplane for departure? The possibilities are so small that they are until worthless same that a Tornado was to pass for as many iron-old ones that they fulled the universe all! ' ' (Littler, ' ' Know Why You Believe' ').

In everything in the life we see a law logical of cause and effect. All effect had a cause. When people consider the complexities of our life and universe, is reasonable to think that a wise and intelligent Creator to provide everything that we need for the life. Aleluia! Praised either the El Dot, the God of the sabedorias! Pr. Ronaldo Oak, Bachelor in Theology for the College of Theology and Science of Religion?