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Papa Family

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The first ceiling that you put on your head is the wage of your parents. Time back the family towards miracles to survive with the wage of Papa, later made the same to subsist and so they gained Papa and Mother even though they must have two works and we were used to inhaling the same for us because she was what we learned from the childhood. All we not better love to be equal to our parents and that they. That one is a motivator very hard that forces to us to limit our dreams. Of that way we mortgaged the present the future and. The family it celebrated the poverty in front of us saying: " He is spiritual to be pobre" or " We are poor but honrados" Who does not remember have seen anybody in the family crying by a novel where a rich villain left to the poor woman protagonist, embarrassed and crying? That does not make our family, well-known or friendly better or worse.

The model is the one that we do not have to follow. When you are programmed by the atmosphere that surrounds to you to not it give account you of so that nonprosperous, but even though you are asking: Why your life follows equal? At a subconscious level it pleases the miserable existence to you and you are attemped to mantenerte where you are. There is nothing no noble in being poor. The poverty generates envy, pain, crimes, domestic violence, addiction to narcotics and much pain. The poor men can be excellent human beings but they do not have anything for will offer other people except kindness. It is not good for being poor. Point. It does not favor to anybody to see our son or a brother or a boy near the family crying by a toy and not to have the money to buy it.

Bin Laden

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According to information of Brazil, a distribution point of arms military, such as M-16 and AR-15, grenades, rocket launchers and were detected. Indignant, the Uruguayan government denounced the report, alleging that they were not subversive, between the Arabs who live in Uruguay. The mayor of Chui of the Brazilian side of the border, Mohammed Kasim (also accused to be a Lebanese nationalist with strong bonds with bin Laden and other Saudi terrorists. The Uruguayan secret service questioned the mayor, who presumably helped to The Said Hassan Hussein Mukhlis" family after her halting visited and it in the jail. Porto Alegre Zero Hour Porto Alegre, of 2 of September of 2001, Jomaa described like the presumed head of new " Mafia rabe" , an organization that participates in traffic of arms and drugs, the money laundering, and the operation of the undocumented workers. After the attacks of the 11 of September, Jomaa was accused to be secretly in contact with the enemy with Mukhlis, and to have given refuge to its wife, Sahar (Sarrah) Mohamed Hassam Hamanra Abud.

Forces of the Federal Police of Brazil of Rio Grande do Sul is Jomaa to investigate supposed bonds with Mukhlis, that had visited in the jail. Brazilian authorities seem to be worried more, nevertheless, with positions that Jomaa is a Lebanese citizen and, therefore, does not meet the conditions to hold the one's position in ranks of mayor in Brazil. Jomaa denied all entailment with Bin Laden, and affirmed that it had helped to Hamanra and its three children like a humanitarian gesture. A confidential document obtained by Zero Hour says that " Whenever Mohamed Jomaa traveled to Lebanon, that is been in contact with Osama bin Laden in Afganistn" , and that Bin Laden would be prepared to contribute 2 million dollars to the construction of a mosque in Chui. According to a declaration done by its mother, Nabihi Jomaa, in the Lebanon to the Brazilian ambassador, the mayor was born the 16 from August from 1959, in the Lebanese city of Konaitra, that is today in Syria.