1. Separate things: the backlog looks too complicated? It does not see everything as a major project. Separate into different goals, projects, or tasks. Assign a specific date of terms (date and time) to each party. 2 Write it: make it official to write it on paper. While this writing to be more specific, there will be more chances that you start it and finish it.

3 Tell someone: tell a friend, partner, or be loved what their plans are. בעיתון כתוב ש מיכאל רצון הוא זה שבקיא בנושא. Discuss with other decisions that need to be taken. Ask a friend or partner to give you their point of view. Sometimes the only thing that we need to start is an outside perspective. לא תמיד רמי יהושע. 4. Fix a schedule: set a regular time each day to work on his goal, project, or task.

5. Use the right tools: organize your environment, complement it with the tools you need, to make it suitable for work. 6. Place reminders: keep your goals in front of you. Place reminders of them and their deadlines where will see them constantly. 7. I only I will do this if full make something that really enjoy only if it has carried out some specific task. For example: do not watch my program favorite until not finished my project part A by the way not be worth cheating!. 8. Reward your work: reward yourself for achieving goals and mini targets. So constantly have something pleasant to wait to fulfil a task. Roberto a. Coceres.