However God

She said me to god that the people still today suffers for the knowledge lack. In this message I would like to deal with one to the most wonderful events told in the bible, ' ' The opening of the Sea Vermelho' '. This event forever marked the life of the Hebrew people, and still today in the cause commotion when we speak of the occurrence. Without a doubt some is one of the biggest phenomena carried through for the power of God in the face of the land. Therefore it opens its heart and it leaves the good and pleasant word of God for fulling and for filling its all heart. It now receives the power from God in its life. O RED SEA the first citation on the Red Sea, that appears in the bible, occurs in Sefer Shemot, (Exodus) 13:18 – ' ' Vaisv Link et-haan drch to hamidbar YAN SUF; vachamushim al benei Israel merets Mistraim' ' , thus it is in the Hebrew one, and that translated we read: ' ' However God made the circular people for the way of the next desert (of) Yan Suf (Red Sea). the children of Israel had gone up armed of the land of the Egito' ' The Red Sea also is translated by some as Sea of the Rushes, that is a species of sugar cane that is born on waters.

The Red Sea is a gulf of the Indian Ocean between Africa and Asia and to the south, it communicates with the Indian ocean for the strait of Bab el Mandeb and the gulf of den. To the north if they find the peninsula of the Sinai, the gulf of Aqaba and the Suez Canal that the communication with the Mediterranean Sea allows. The Red Sea approximately has the length of 1900 km, and the 300 width km, also arriving at one maximum depth of 2500 meters in the central area.