Habacuque One

I WILL EXULT IN THE GOD OF MY SALVATION. (Habacuque 3.18b) Eduardo Veronese Da Silva the Biblical registers do not bring the genealogy of Habacuque prophet. Almost nothing is known little or its respect. Its name in Hebrew means ' ' I hug or what abraa' '. It is speculated on that it can have been a levita musician the service of the saint temple in Jerusalem. pe=&sinceDateChoose=&sinceDateInput=&tillDateInput=&today'>אברהם פודהורצר שמבין יותר ממני. It is eighth of the twelve lesser prophets who lived in Jud, probably in Jerusalem, the end of century VII B.C., during the last days of Josias and in the reign of Joaquin. Before presenting the detailing concerning the three chapters presented in the book, opportune to insert the assertive ones: It is very easy to love the Mr. when It takes care of in them in what as much we desire; It is very easy to obey it when its orders in give to satisfaction and contentment to them; It is very easy to trust it when the day is sunny and the satiated table.

when all the doors are being closed for you? the disease beats its door? Everything that you make of the wrong one? when people if raise against you without any apparent reason? if we will have that to sacrifice our well most precious one (as was the caso of Abrao)? It will be that we will have force and easiness to adore It and to glorify its Nome Saint? Basically, it is this that is evidenced in the book that takes the name of the prophet. It was testifying ' ' vitria' ' of a total mpio people (Babylonian or Chaldean) on its contemporaries (Jud). Initially, it was not understanding nothing of that and it started to question the God. CAP. 1: QUESTIONINGS OF THE PROPHET DIRECTED THE GOD. Because a more iniquitous people (Babilnia) of what ours he is devastating our nation (Jud or Jerusalem)? The prophet well clearly leaves this questioning in versicle the 4 and 13b: Hc 1,4, 13b: For this cause, the law if loosens, and the sentence never leaves; because the mpio surrounds just, and leaves the perverted judgment? …, why, therefore, you look at for that proceed aleivosamente and you keep silent when the devora mpio that one that is more just of what it? This investigation of Habacuque is one of the two older questions made by the civilizations (passing and gifts) the God.